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July 26, 2021

1 dead, firefighter injured in a Bountiful home fire

BOUNTIFUL — One person was found dead in a Bountiful house fire on Friday, South Davis Metro Fire officials said.

Fire crews were called about 10 a.m. to a house fire at 28 Maple Hollow Way in Bountiful. Initially, there were reports that two people might still be inside the house, said South Davis Metro Fire Deputy Chief Greg Stewart.

They found a fire in the basement, but were forced to get out of the house due to “high heat and low visibility,” and because the floors and roof started to collapse, Stewart said. A fire with high heat and low visibility can typically be caused by having a lot of materials inside a structure to fuel the fire, he said.

Stewart said there was an initial report that two people were in the home. One of those people was quickly accounted for, he said. The body of the second was later discovered in the basement.

“It was so hot it was forcing firefighters back out,” said Stewart.

It was during this time that a firefighter was injured and taken to a local hospital with “minor to moderate” injuries, Stewart said. He described the firefighter’s injuries only as “burns” to his body.

“It’s the worst-case scenario. Firefighters don’t want to see one of their own get hurt, for sure. Our concerns are with him,” he said. “(He’s the) last person you’d want to see anything bad happen to.”

After the first responders got out of the house, the fire quickly spread to the roof. Nearly 30 firefighters from numerous agencies spent over two hours fighting the fire defensively to bring it under control, Stewart said.

“It’s just not good. I think that house is completely gone,” said neighbor Rob Tew, who said the family that owns the home has lived there for about 15 years. “Their lives just turned outside down today.”

The fire was originally thought to be suspicious, though police later said they were no longer considering it as such. Stewart said the initial call placed to 911 “came in as suspicious behavior involved” and included “suspicious details.” He said the initial comments made to dispatchers also included that the fire may have been intentionally started. Stewart did not say who made the initial 911 call.

In addition, when firefighters arrived, they found the doors leading to the basement were barricaded, he said.

Bountiful police questioned the family Friday afternoon.

Contributing: Paul Nelson, KSL NewsRadio; Ashley Fredde, KSL.com


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