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September 27, 2021
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Candidate promises to donate salary for Porter Park trees, if elected

REXBURG − Travis Brown, currently running for Rexburg Mayor, has made a new campaign promise to donate $20,000 of his salary as mayor, if elected.

“As someone who calls Rexburg home, I want to continue to give back,” read his post on Facebook. “I promise if elected, I will donate $20,000 from the mayor’s $76,400 salary to the replanting of the trees in Porter Park. Initially the $30,000 to $35,000 cost was to come from community donations, and I want to contribute. I believe that together we can continue to beautify this city and make it home for everyone.”

Brown said this was something he talked about with his campaign since the beginning.

He said Rexburg has needs that he could help meet and fund with the mayor’s salary. Brown feels that the salary provided by the city is a large amount and that he is frugal so he wouldn’t need all the money for his personal life.

Brown said he plans to move forward with the replanting and doing what the city intended, he just wants to help it come to fruition.

“The trees in Porter Park are a staple of the city and the park,” Brown said. “The city knew that when they cut them down and I want to alleviate the burden by planting them with funds that will be made available to me.”

Mayor Jerry Merrill said their goal was to acquire $30,000 through public donations for the cost of removal and replanting the trees in Porter Park. He said they also plan to place a monument in the park for those who donated.

He said they currently have $10,000 raised and have several pledges from community members to contribute more.

Merrill said they plan to plant the trees on Arbor Day as part of an Arbor Day celebration. He hopes to invite the public, especially youth, to the event and help dig up the dirt to plant the trees. He said this will also kick off their 10 year Parks and Trail plan.

When asked about Brown’s promise to donate part of his salary if elected, Merrill said he thought it was great.

“It’s great that he would be willing to do that,” Merrill said. “Being the mayor is a full time job if not more. I’m not sure if he realizes how much time it takes, the salary is justified. But if he has the wherewithal to (donate his salary, if elected) then that’s great.”

Election Day is Tuesday Nov. 5, from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Rexburg polling places:

#2 Burton

Burton Elementary

2211 West 1000 South, Rexburg

#5 Fairgrounds

Veterans Hall

480 West 2nd North, Rexburg

#7 Adams

Adams Elementary

110 North Second East, Rexburg

#8 Pioneer West

Madison High School (Aud)

2300 University Blvd, Rexburg

#9 Pioneer East

Madison District Office

60 West Main, Rexburg

#10 Porter Park

Senior Citizen Center

40 South Second West, Rexburg

#11 City Center

Rexburg City Hall

35 North First East, Rexburg

#12 4th South

Senior Citizens

40 South Second West, Rexburg

#13 University

Rexburg City Hall

35 North First East, Rexburg

#14 Rexburg Hill

Central High School

379 South Second East, Rexburg

#15 Poleline

Madison Middle School Teachers Lounge

575 West 7th South, Rexburg

#16 Lincoln

Lincoln Elementary

358 East Second South, Rexburg

#20 Trejo

Madison District Office

60 West Main, Rexburg

#21 6th South

Senior Citizens Center

40 South Second West, Rexburg

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