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July 5, 2022

Have You Seen This? Dad catches foul ball, nearly drops child, but saves his drink

Have You Seen This? Dad catches foul ball, nearly drops child, but saves his drink (Matt Heaston via TMZ)

THE BALLPARK — I don’t know why catching a foul ball or a home run ball at a baseball game is so exciting, but it is.

I’ve seen people willing to sacrifice life and limb to get a souvenir ball, and some had the act ruin their lives for a time. I can shake my head at these people, but the truth is I’ve fought for a ball before. I didn’t get it, and my life will never be complete until I get one, but that’s not the point.

The point is that while I don’t condone what this dad did, I get it. And I respect his agility and reflexes.

A dad was at an Arizona Diamondbacks game when a foul ball came his way. Problem was, however, the dad had a baby in his left arm and a cold beverage in his right hand. With no more available hands and an official Major League Baseball souvenir headed your direction, what do you do?

Some might say turn your back and protect the child. Others may suggest dropping the drink and catching the ball with that free hand. Others still may say dodge the ball and let another lucky fan take the memento. But not this guy. This guy wants it all.

This dad ends up catching the ball while holding on to the baby and avoiding a spilled drink. At first, it seems like magic. But as you watch more slowly, you realize that it’s just a sleight of hand trick, much like most illusions from a magician.

The dad let go of the baby with his left arm and used his right elbow to momentarily pin the child to his body while keeping a firm grip of the expensive beverage in his right hand. He then used the free left hand to snag the ball and promptly brought the left arm back to the kid to secure her along with the keepsake and the drink. The speed at which all of this happened is impressive, even if a little irresponsible.

Then again, who am I to judge? I wouldn’t want to waste the money I just spent on that expensive drink and I don’t want to pass up a bucket list item. So, I appreciate the ingenuity. I think I should start practicing my juggling before heading to my next baseball game.

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