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May 24, 2022

Have You Seen This? Dog loses his mind after tasting a lemon

Dog tastes a lemon … and has a breakdown. (@TheBestPostt, Twitter)

THE COUCH — We’ve all been there. We try a new food, and it just doesn’t sit right. It’s too hot, too bland, too sour. Whatever it might be it’s just not for us.

We all have our tastes and that’s OK. For me, I generally like most things, but there are three foods I just can’t palate. They’re three very odd things because, according to my research, most people love these things. Also, my research is made up of people who flip out at me when I tell them what I don’t like — which means my research is about to get a lot stronger thanks to the comment board.

For some reason, I don’t like cantaloupe, olives (of any kind) or licorice. And before you ask — because everyone does — it’s not just black licorice; it’s all licorice.

I even try these foods from time to time to see if my tastes have changed so I can finally understand what everyone else seems to find so wonderful about these foods. Nothing has changed yet.

If I eat an olive, however, I just deal with it and don’t have a breakdown like this dog. But, I relate to this dog a great deal.

This pupper sees a new food in front of him. Much like me, he seems to have the, “Why not? Let’s give this thing a go” type of mentality with it. He takes a taste, lets it tickle the pallet for a moment, and then realizes this round, yellow thing is not as innocent and inviting as it seemed. The dog actually seems scared of the thing and starts barking at it.

This doggo can’t decide if he wants to fight the citrus or hide from it. Then my favorite thing happens: It’s almost as if the dog said to itself, “Wait. Am I overreacting here? Was it not that bad? I should try it again.”

As the dog takes another lick, it quickly becomes clear that that food was sour and (in the dog’s opinion) awful.

Suddenly, I don’t feel so bad about not liking licorice.

About the Author: John Clyde

John has grown up around movies and annoys friends and family with his movie facts and knowledge. He also has a passion for sports and pretty much anything awesome, and it just so happens, that these are the three things he writes about. To read more of his articles, visit John’s KSL.com author page.

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