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March 9, 2021

Have You Seen This? Football player tries to run onto field with chainsaw

THE GRIDIRON — The players from Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College have a strange tradition that gives new meaning to the term “chop block.” You see, this team likes to bring a chainsaw onto the sidelines with them during games (it’s 100% real, not some harmless contraption you might encounter in a haunted house).

I’m sure the revving of the engine intimidates the opposing team, as well as any other rational human within range of the saw’s blades.

At the beginning of a recent game against Jones College, MGCCC defensive tackle Brian Merritt tried to run onto the field with the aforementioned chainsaw held high. A video posted to Twitter shows Merritt revving the engine and preparing to make his grand entrance, despite the fact that his mother surely taught him not to run with scissors.

As the chainsaw’s engine roared in the crisp November air, a referee quickly intervened. The Sun Herald reports that the referee bellowed, “Y’all can’t bring that out here. Don’t bring out that saw.”

When asked about the bizarre event after the game, MGCCC coach Jack Wright didn’t seem too concerned about his players’ passion for power tools. “It’s kind of taken on a life of its own over the last two years,” he told the Sun Herald. “Our kids love (the chainsaw). It brings a lot of energy and I think it’s unique. Anything that gives the kids a little boost before the game, I’m all for it.”

So will the MGCCC team try to bring the chainsaw to their next game? Seems likely, since coach Merritt was obviously amused by the referee’s shocked reaction to the saw at this most recent game.

“Maybe we should have asked permission,” said Merritt. “But sometimes it’s better off not asking and doing it anyway.”

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