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July 30, 2021

Have You Seen This? Kid amazes random shoppers with incredible beat box skills

THE APPLIANCE SECTION — A good friend of mine I’ve known since I was a kid is the king of random talents. Jeff was an athlete and a funny kid, but he had dreams, and those dreams included a lot of odd ball abilities.

For example, once in high school, Jeff decided he wanted to learn to break dance. So, Jeff disappeared for about 10 days; he’d show up to school, but he wouldn’t hang out with us and we wouldn’t hear from him. Then one night he showed up at our friends house and showed us what he’d been working on. Jeff could now break dance.

Jeff also performed vanishing acts to learn to play the guitar, learn motion graphics and beat box.

That’s right, Jeff could, and probably still can, beat box. He got to the point he could do multiple sounds at once and then sing as he hit the beats. It was impressive and a huge hit at parties. Jeff became very popular, and for some reason he continued to hang out with me. That’s because in addition to being oddly talented he’s a good dude.

While Jeff had some real beat boxing skills, I have to say this 13-year-old kid from the Philippians is the real deal. For example, I don’t think he disappeared for 10 days to learn this. I think he’s put a lot more time into it.

[embedded content]

This video was captured a year ago, but it doesn’t have that many views. While the video is awesome and his talent mesmerizes you, there is more to the story here. I’ll let the YouTube description give you some insights into the artist laying down these beats.

“A talented schoolboy amazed shoppers when he was seen beatboxing inside a supermarket Manila in the Philippines on February 28 (2020). The youngster was later identified as Joshua Inda, 13, from a nearby slum in the sprawling metropolis,” the YouTube description reads. “He told onlookers that he has developed the vocal skills over the last few years. He sometimes does them on the street to earn change to help him get by in the poverty city. At other times he walks around bars and entertains drinkers or tourists, who give him a few coins.”

The person who captured the performance said: “Even though he’s in his teens he has been able to make a living with the gift that God gave him. He was originally from Cavite but moved to Manila because he has relatives here. He has a really unique talent. I was amazed by him and so proud to have met him.”

Thanks for inspiring and entertaining us, Joshua. And, Jeff, you have a new benchmark. I’ll see you in 10 days my friend.

John Clyde

About the Author: John Clyde

John has grown up around movies and annoys friends and family with his movie facts and knowledge. He also has a passion for sports and pretty much anything awesome, and it just so happens, that these are the three things he writes about. Contact him on Twitter at @johnnypclyde.

John Clyde

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