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September 28, 2021

Have You Seen This? Mom’s hair-raising experience on a riding lawnmower

Have You Seen This? Mom’s hair-raising experience on a riding lawnmower (Kirstinm336, TikTok)

THE FRONT YARD — Ring doorbells are so handy. They provide us with footage of unwanted guests, package thieves, trick-or-treaters and all kinds of daily events from the local neighborhood.

But one family’s doorbell captured the terrifying ride a mother took on a lawnmower.

The woman’s daughter, who couldn’t stop laughing at the ridiculous scene, posted the footage to TikTok and captioned it, “That time my mom tried using the mower and didn’t know how and we captured it on Ring.”


my dad heard her scream 😭😂 #fypシ#ringdoorbell#momfails

♬ original sound – Kirstin

At first, the scene looks entirely calm. But then the runaway mower makes its entrance with the mother desperately clinging to it. Her husband soon appears on the porch, shouting instructions.

Here’s what impresses me so much about this video: While the mom didn’t know how to operate the mower, she has the presence of mind to put it into a tight circle. So, instead of ramming into her own home at top speed, she instead carved gorgeous patterns into the lawn.

Let this video serve as a reminder to all of us: Never operate machinery unless you know how to make it stop. And, if you ever find yourself rambling along on an out-of-control mower, just drive in circles until it runs out of gas.

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