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July 25, 2021

Have You Seen This? Professional athlete sneaks Wu-Tang references throughout interview

Professional athlete Dylan Alcottt sneaks Wu-Tang references throughout an interview. (Triple J, YouTube)

THE TV BOX — Dylan Alcott is a professional athlete from Australia. Alcott has a long resume including wheelchair basketballer, wheelchair tennis player, radio host, motivational speaker, and a gold medalist in the Paralympic Games. In addition to that, he’s apparently a fan of the Wu-Tang Clan.

For those unfamiliar with Wu-Tang, they’re a hip-hop group based out of New York and released their first album in 1993. The group has eight studio albums and is known across the globe.

Many of Wu-Tang’s lyrics aren’t really TV-safe, but Alcott found some that were and got them on a live TV interview back in 2018. But what’s really incredible is the fact that no one at the time knew they were Wu-Tang lyrics because he snuck them in as a natural progression to the conversation and responses to questions.

Alcott was part of a panel discussion on disability, and he started dropping lyrics all over the place. Before an interview on Australian radio station Triple J, listeners challenged the athlete to drop as many Wu-Tang references as he could. I have to say, he did a pretty great job at it.

To start things off Alcott threw up the Wu-Tang sign with his hands, and then went on the answer questions with Wu-Tang references.

Kudos to Alcott not only for taking on the challenge but for actually getting the answers and the lyrics to line up and actually make sense. I’m not sure I could have pulled that off. Well done!

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