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January 22, 2022

Have You Seen This? Ryan Reynolds’ Tiktok challenge tickles the internet

Actors Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell perform the latest TikTok challenge. (YouTube)

THE INSTAGRAM — Ryan Renyolds has a special gift.

In his career he’s done many movies and TV shows that are still ridiculed by his friends and even his fans to this day. (We’ll just mention “The Green Lantern” and leave it at that).

But that’s not his gift. His gift is that he always pops back up with a seemingly bright attitude and does things better. His career doesn’t end with a whimper; he just keeps going while marching to the beat of his own drum.

Part of that “keep going” success is certainly his presence on social media. From his ongoing, fake feud with Hugh Jackman, to his “tributes” to loved ones that end up focusing on himself and other comedy bits, Reynolds keeps his fans laughing and engaged.

His most recent contribution to Instagram somehow hit a nerve with the internet, and it’s gone viral, even in celebrity terms. The post is based on the what the kids call a “TikTok challenge.” Basically someone (doesn’t matter who) videos something on TikTok, then other people do it too.

This particular challenge is called the “Grace Kelly challenge.” It asked people to harmonize the lyrics to a 2007 song by Mika titled, “Grace Kelly.” So, inevitably, Reynolds takes to the screen on Instagram and layers in harmonies with autotune and looping to mimic the song.

He’s committed and it’s fun, but then comes the celebrity surprise — Will Ferrell joins Reynolds and sings the “highest of high” falsetto parts of the harmony, a bit to Reynold’s chagrin.

Somehow the combo is more charming and hilarious than it should be on paper. Indeed, I’ve watched it upward of half a dozen times and still end up with a big grin on my face.

Reynolds and Ferrell are currently filming a musical retelling of Dickens’ “The Christmas Carol” called “Spirited.”

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