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June 25, 2021

Have You Seen This? Truck falls 70 feet and driver survives

THE INTERCHANGE — I love that I get the opportunity to write Have You Seen This? articles. They’re super fun, I get to see a lot of great stuff and hopefully, I get to make your day a little bit better. When we created Have You Seen This? we wanted to share great stuff with all of you. Over the years we’ve shared heartfelt, funny and interesting videos.

Once in a while, we have those videos where you watch it and it’s hard to believe. There was the one where the otter jumped onto a tour boat to escape a killer whale or the one where an entire Norwegian neighborhood was swept out to sea. But out of all of our videos, this may be one of the most unbelievable.

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According to a report from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, a man lost control of his truck on a freeway interchange, hit a snowbank, went over the barricade and fell 70 feet. The truck flipped over and turned around, so by the time it hit the ground it was on its wheels and faced the opposite direction. I double-checked to see if Tony Hawk was driving, but he was not.

Amazingly, the driver not only wasn’t killed but didn’t have any serious injuries. I once missed the last step heading to my basement and fell a total of 6 inches. I thought I had died. This dude took a 70-foot plunge onto the freeway and now has a really cool story to tell at parties.

A traffic cam caught the wholes thing, and it’s kind of hard to believe even though you watch it over and over again.

Glad the driver is OK, and I need to know what kind of invincible truck this guy is rolling around in. However, I don’t think I’d try to duplicate his frontside 180 kickflip in the truck, but still sounds like a solid vehicle.

John Clyde

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