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July 27, 2021

Have You Seen This? You need a strong stomach and great balance to be a fisherman

THE HIGH SEAS — Being a fisherman sounds like tough work. Weeks, if not months at sea, hours and hours of grueling work in the cold. Constantly being wet and the possible cabin fever of being with the same small group of people for so long. It takes a certain kind of person to do this job, and I truly don’t think I’m tough enough physically and mentally to do it.

In fact, after watching this video I know I’m not. I also don’t have the stomach or the equilibrium.

This is Benjamin Bakke. He is a Norwegian fisherman with a substantial following on Instagram. Bakke’s videos give us a glimpse into what life is like on the sea. This particular one shows us why most of us aren’t cut out for this work. Waves are tossing the ship to and fro to the point Bakke can’t stay on his feet. He obviously has strong sea legs and I think he’s playing a couple of the falls up, but there are a couple you can tell catch him off guard. Especially the one that sends him sailing into the dining table.

How the ship stays afloat and doesn’t roll when it’s being thrown so badly is a marvel of engineering, and so are those cutouts in the table keeping that ice cream in place. You almost don’t realize how much the ship is rocking because the camera is stabilized. You see Bakke sliding back and forth, but he could always be doing a bit. But then you notice the coats in the background and see how much they’re swinging on the hooks.

I’d like to thank Bakke for making me aware of how insane the high seas are, for entertaining me and for teaching me that Jack Sparrow isn’t just drunk all the time, but is getting use to being on dry land. Adds a whole new level to Captain Jack and that’s all thanks to you, Bakke.

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