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March 7, 2021

How small businesses can provide their employees with healthcare —without insurance

It’s open enrollment season, and if you’re the owner of a small business or self-employed, this time of the year can be a stressful one.

You want to provide your employees with premium care —but it often comes at a premium price.

If you can’t afford health insurance as a small business owner, don’t fret. Voyage Direct Primary Care can provide an affordable health plan that covers all of family medicine care to your employees.

Voyage DPC is a membership-based direct primary care practice that provides individuals and families with convenient, unrestricted access to a physician they know and trust at a transparent, reasonable cost.

Whether you’re a small business or self-employed, Voyage DPC can offer an enhancement to your benefit package.

Say goodbye to copays, high-deductible plans, and expensive office visits that last no longer than 10 minutes. Dr. John Sanders, a board-certified physician and founder of Voyage DPC, believes families deserve excellent, affordable care.

“I created Voyage Direct Primary Care because the cost and complexity of insurance companies have driven people away from accessing the care that they deserve,” Sanders said. Instead, he hopes to “cut out the middleman” by eliminating those costly and complex issues.

For one low monthly fee, Voyage DPC provides your team with fantastic, holistic care. Your employees get unprecedented access to your company physician via same-day office visits—as well as texts, phone calls, and video chats when needed.

In order to provide better care with more transparent pricing, Voyage DPC does not accept insurance. This means no copays, no deductibles, and no runaround with insurance companies.

There are no co-pays for office visits, texts, phone calls, or chats, no matter how many times your employees use them.

If your employees have insurance somewhere else, Voyage DPC can use it for specialty care, labs, or imaging—but their pricing is often more affordable. They can provide discounts on labs and imaging by partnering with local businesses, and coordinate care received from other specialists.

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According to reports from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, people aren’t staying at jobs as long as they used to. If you want to hire and retain top talent, providing better options for healthcare could mean the difference between an employee who stays for six months and one who stays for several years.

When you offer coverage through Voyage DPC, your employees get personalized attention to meet their individual needs.

“In order to optimize your wellness, I like to spend adequate time with you,” Sanders says. “I like to listen to your problem and get to know you and build that relationship. It’s not uncommon for me to spend 30 to 60 minutes with my clients. This helps me be the best doctor for you that I can be.”

With a low ratio between doctors and clients, your employees will never have to worry about sitting in a waiting room for hours or booking appointments several weeks out. They get in and out sooner—which means they get back to work sooner.

As mentioned previously, your employees will never have to worry about copays, deductibles or added costs that often add up with traditional healthcare. Everything is covered by the monthly fee. If a procedure is required, your employees will always know the cost upfront—which is usually less than $25.

Voyage DPC can even help reduce costs associated with Worker’s Compensation. If an issue arises, a provider can come to your worksite to assess and/or treat issues before any claims are filed.

For a small business, your employees are like family. At Voyage DPC, that’s exactly how they’ll be treated by physicians and staff members.

All plan options are designed with you and your employees in mind. When you give your employees the Voyage DPC benefit, you’re giving them white-glove medical care at dramatic cost savings for you and for them.

All memberships include:

  • Near-site clinics
  • Telemedicine
  • Discounted labs and imaging
  • House calls
  • Medical advocacy

When your team is healthy, your business is healthy. Make sure they get the best care available.

To learn more about employee health plan options, visit VoyageDPC.com.

Voyage Direct Primary Care

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