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How you can decorate for Halloween with things around the house

As many people look to the holidays for a much-needed uplift in this roller coaster of a year, it’s time to start breaking out the Halloween decorations. With recent CDC recommendations to alter or skip trick-or-treating festivities this year, you might want to put more effort into decorating your home and doing other spooky activities.

Make one of your holiday activities getting ready for the spooky season itself by decorating the house with things you have at home. Not only can you save yourself some cash and a trip to the store, but you can have fun with the family while you get into the holiday spirit. Here are a few projects that will give you goosebumps.

You’ve probably seen these pictures floating around on social media and blogs, but they really are an easy way to add some spookiness to your home. Not to mention, the shadows they cast at night are eerie. Let’s just ignore the fact a bat is the reason most won’t be trick-or-treating this year.

To make and hang these nocturnal creatures, simply cut out bats out of black construction paper or cardstock. Make sure it’s symmetrical, so you can fold it in half to attach it to the wall. You can use black push pins, double-sided wall tape or anything else you would typically use to hang decor.

Use some of those tin cans from your beans, corn, and food storage to make some cute lanterns for your yard or home. You can use either tea light candles or LED battery lights inside—whichever you prefer.

To make these, first make a blueprint for your design. Take a permanent marker and make small dots where you want the light to shine through. Afterward, fill the can with water and put it in the freezer until the water is frozen.

Once it’s cold enough, take a nail and hammer and punch a hole through the dots you made on the can. Hammer the nail through the metal until it punctures. Once you’re done, you can paint the can with spray paint and add a metal handle if you want. Find the full tutorial on Woman’s Day.

This is perhaps the most impossibly easy DIY decoration you can do for Halloween—and you can even salvage the materials after the haunting season is over.

All you need are some old white sheets and black construction paper. Drape the sheet over your dining room table chairs, and cut out faces from the paper. Pin/glue/tape the faces onto the sheet and you’ve got a cohesive, spooky dinner setting.

Show off your artistic side and hang up the product when you’re done! These silhouetted framed art pieces as shared by Country Living are just the right amount of spooky. All you need is some white or grey paper (or poster board), some black paper and a frame. You can even take out some photos from your currently hanging frames and replace them when the season is over.

Just cut out the silhouettes of a creepy scene and tape or glue them to your white/grey paper. Frame the work when you’ve finished!

Add some character and fun to your walkway with these adorably cute pumpkin jar lights. According to Woman’s Day, all you’ll need is some orange tissue paper, black construction paper, decoupage glue, empty glass jars (if you don’t have any extras, check out the glass section at your local Deseret Industries) and a foam paintbrush.

Get the tutorial on the Woman’s Day website.

Even if you don’t want to admit it, you’ve got a bag of candy corn stashed somewhere. Regardless of whether you think it’s gross, it’s always something that makes its way into the house year after year.

Instead of eating it, decorate with it! There are many different ideas on how to make candy corn garland, but you’ll need string and candy corn to start with. If you want to have lots of flexibility and movement with your garland, get a needle and transparent fishing line and thread the individual candies along the line to your desired length.

Another tutorial from Make And Takes uses hot glue to arrange the candies along the string (or ribbon). Hang it over your fireplace, along your table or anywhere that needs a little color.

Grab your stack of construction paper and scraps and have some fun with this DIY craft. Using this PDF, you can print off templates for monsters to tape in the window. Cut out the monsters, add fun details, googly eyes, whatever you’d like, and then tape them in the window. It’s recommended you choose darker colors so they don’t become transparent when light shines through them at night. However, some like monsters with color, so go with what you like. Stand outside your home and admire your (creepy) handiwork!

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