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September 27, 2021
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“Match Made in Rexburg” begins filming season two

Piper Gearheart, a junior studying English education, and Sophi Gold, a sophomore studying communication, are in the beginning stages of producing the second season of a Rexburg-themed “The Bachelor/Bachelorette­”-type show called “Match Made in Rexburg.”

“It’s not very different from what dating really is (in Rexburg); it’s just actually put on film,” Gearheart said.

The idea for the show first started in the girls’ apartment at the Cedars.

“(My roommates and I) were all on Mutual one night, and we decided that Mutual sucks,” Gearheart said. “It’s awesome ’cause you meet people, but do things actually happen from it? We decided we wanted to change that.”

The original thesis of the show was to create a Mutual account for one girl and have her go on dates with multiple eligible bachelors. It was created as a joke.

“We laughed it off, and we kept swiping on Mutual. We went on our own dates, and the very next week we decided, ‘Actually, let’s do it!’” Gearheart said.

Gold tells a similar story.

“A few weeks after we started joking about it, my friend walked into my apartment and was like, ‘Oh my gosh, did you see what Provo did? They did a Bachelor of Provo!’…” Gold said. “We sat down and watched it, and we were all just kinda like, ‘I think we can do this!’”

According to Gold, the show is stressful to make.

“(Season one of “Match Made in Rexburg”) was a learning curve for all of us; we learned what we could do and what we shouldn’t do….There was more drama off-camera than there was on-camera,” Gearheart said.

The first season featured 24 young men vying for the hand of one young woman. Season two of the showfeatures 1 young man and 24 young women in a battle for true love, who are now revealed on the show’s instagram.

All six episodes of season one are available on the show’s official YouTube channel, where they have garnered over 25,300 views.

There are a few differences between season one and season two. Due to growing popularity, ceremonies during this season will beheld at The Avenues, a Rexburg wedding outlet, instead of the house from the first season. There will also be a few Rexburg businesses featured.

Filming for season two will be completed by Thanksgiving, and the episodes will be released soon thereafter.

The show is filmed, edited and produced by students. Because of this, the producers know it won’t always be flawless.

“It’s just for fun… We’re a bunch of college students with zero resources putting this together, so cut us some slack!” Gold said.

On October 24, there will be a meet-and-greet costume party with the cast and crew of season two at The Avenues. Time and details will follow.

This article was originally published on BYUI Scroll.

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