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September 25, 2022
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New technology puts Madison County Law Enforcement on same system

MADISON COUNTY −The Rexburg Police Department has been trying out the EFORCE system since 2014 and have found it to be better than their current system FATPOT.

Turman said that the Madison County Sheriff’s Office and Rexburg Police Department have been working together on getting the same CAD system for 28 years and it’s been difficult. He said that Sheriff Rick Henry has been working with him on this since 2016 and they’ve finally identified a CAD system that would benefit both entities and allow them to share information and expedite services.

The department has acquired the funding necessary to make a permanent transition to EFORCE.

“For the first time in 30 years we have the opportunity for us all to finally be together, (to be more efficient),” Rexburg Police Chief Shane Turman said.

FATPOT is a public safety software provider that offers data and real-time information sharing for agencies like the Rexburg Police Department. EFORCE is a similar software provider that the Rexburg Police Department and the Madison County Sheriff’s Office deem superior.

Both companies offer record management systems and computer-aided dispatch systems, also known as RMS and CAD.

Local law enforcement agencies are acquiring EFORCE because it will allow them to share information and expedite services to residents in a more efficient way.

“Information sharing will be at the fingertips of the officers in those cars,” Turman said.

Turman said the county has approved the sheriff’s office to acquire the EFORCE system and he is asking that the city amend the budget to allow for the police department to do the same.

The city allowed the department to get on EFORCE in 2014 and they’ve found it to be exceptional. Turman said several other agencies are moving to EFORCE and the Rexburg Police Department has been able to share valuable information with those other agencies.

Turman said their current FATPOT CAD system is obsolete and expensive with the department spending thousands of dollars on the software every year. And have been unable to get service on the product for the last 6 to 7 months.

At the Nov. 6 City Council meeting, the city approved a budget change for the police department to acquire the new technology.

According to public record, the total cost will be about $54,250. Money will come from the city’s contingency budget which was originally had $133,800 but went down to $110,00 after budgeting for splash park repairs. Once the $54,250 is taken out the contingency fund will drop to $55,500.

There are some savings in the way of hardware. The 21 Surface Pros that the department was purchasing for their FATPOT system cost $31,500. The 21 iPads that the department would need to purchase would total just $5,460. Replacing one Surface Pro is $1,500 but replacing an iPad would only be $260.

In terms of services, the police department will no longer need to manually enter citation information by hand because data will already be prepared by dispatch as the call comes in. This will save time for patrol officers.

This system would also allow the police department to share fingerprints and information from cases with the Madison County Sheriff’s Office faster and more efficiently.

Turman said they plan to put EFORCE in every patrol vehicle and over time put it in detective vehicles.

The software has a geofencing feature that would track the iPad that can be taken out of the patrol vehicle. Turman gave the example of how if an officer went into an apartment complex they would take the iPad with them, making it easier for backup to locate the first responder.

This article was originally published on Rexburg Standart Journal.

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