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July 25, 2021

Piute School District, Murray High School moving to online learning Monday

SALT LAKE CITY — Murray High School and Piute County School District schools both announced Sunday evening that students will move to online learning starting Monday for the next two weeks.

The news comes after the schools have reached the 15-case threshold for COVID-19. Murray High School plans on holding in-person classes on Monday, Oct. 19, and Piute schools plan on returning on Wednesday, Oct. 21.

“Over 60 Piute High School students were absent on Friday October 2nd for quarantines, isolations, and other illnesses,” read a statement from the district. “The high school has had difficulty finding enough substitutes to fill in for all the teachers and staff that have either been quarantined or requested leave for illness.”

Some Piute groups and one-on-one tutoring may still be provided in person at the school buildings. More specific instructions for digital learning will be provided by each individual school within the district.

Despite moving to online learning, Murray High School students will continue to follow their usual A/B schedule for Zoom meetings with teachers for each class. Teachers will be reaching out to students with more information and tools for the upcoming two weeks.

“This online schedule is NOT intended to be two weeks off of school. Instead it is two weeks of online instruction that will allow our school/community to reset and allow all those students that are infected by the virus to recover,” Murray High School officials said in a statement.

All Murray High School extracurricular activities will continue. Spectators for scheduled competitions will be limited to parents only. Groups with three or more confirmed COVID-19 cases will remain in quarantine, according to a school statement.

Piute baseball practices and games will continue under the Utah High School Athletic Association’s COVID-19 guidelines. Volleyball practices will start again on Oct. 12.

Jen Riess

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