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July 27, 2021

Salt Lake City mayor says $1 million in rental assistance still available

SALT LAKE CITY — Salt Lake City Mayor Erin Mendenhall announced on Thursday over $1 million in rental assistance is still available for struggling Salt Lake City residents while Americans wait for Congress to act on another COVID-19 relief package.

“As we wait to see if Congress will do something, we will not wait to act here in Salt Lake City Hall,” Mendenhall said in a news conference outside the Salt Lake City-County Building. “I am happy to announce to Salt Lake City residents there are additional moneys, and there is funding available to you.”

Mendenhall said the $1 million is grant funding, and is not a loan that has to be repaid. She said it can be used to pay past and current rent bills for any Salt Lake residents in need, regardless of immigrant documentation status, even if they didn’t qualify for the first stimulus check from the federal CARES Act.

“We know we have at least 1,700 taxpaying Salt Lakers who were not able to qualify for that aid because of documentation status,” Mendenhall said, adding that the city is also distributing $500 cash cards through community organizations that already have relationships with many of those residents.

“If you feel like you could qualify for our assistance through the cash card or through rental assistance, Salt Lake wants to help you,” Mendenhall said. “We appreciate you. We want you in our community. And we’re here to help you.”

Mendenhall made the announcement as snow fell from the sky.

“If you’re facing eviction, there are resources for you,” the mayor said. “Making sure Salt Lake City residents keep a roof over their heads this winter and throughout this pandemic is a top priority of my office, and we’re committed to dedicating as many resources and as much funding as we can to ensure this happens.”

City officials urged residents to apply for the funding at Utah Community Action’s website, utahca.org, as the city is experiencing high call volumes amid the pandemic.

City officials also urged residents facing eviction to contact People’s Legal Aid immediately at https://www.plautah.org/ or (801) 477-6975.

Katie McKellar

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