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July 25, 2021

South Fremont girls’ soccer wins battle of the Fremonts

After a tough game against one conference rival, South Fremont’s girls’ soccer team bounced back to beat another. The Lady Cougars topped North Fremont 5-1 Tuesday.

Freshman Alison Murri scored six minutes in to open things up for South Fremont. The Cougars would score one more goal in the first half then three in the second half.

“I think the first one was probably the most (important),” said South Fremont head coach Sarah Stimpson. “It boosted the team’s confidence and then they were just letting shots off and were more confident in their ability to go forward. We play some pretty good teams. We hadn’t played North yet this season, so getting the first goal off kind of gave them the confidence for the rest of the game.”

Allison Murri scored another goal and Marissa Bischoff, Sarah Bitter and Angelina Ramos each scored a goal.

North Fremont’s Ryen Rowburry scored near the end of the second half on a wind-aided corner kick that bounced once on the far end of the goal and into the back of the net.

“At first, I asked the girls, they were all kind of sitting there and they didn’t even realize it went in but I had seen it hit the back net,” said North Fremont head coach Tamra Klein. “I was like, ‘okay, this is going to get them pumped up get them going again, get in the rhythm.”

Unfortunately for the Lady Huskies, they weren’t able to carry over the momentum from their goal into additional goals.

“We didn’t get many shots off like I wanted,” Klein said. “We only got four shots on goal off that I counted. It was a little drop from our shots on goal against Firth. The next game we’re hoping that we’re going to get a little more shots. We kind of have an idea of what we have to change in order to do that so, we’ll just kind of see what the next game brings.”

South Fremont was aided by the by Lizzy Huber’s return after a hamstring pull and Mallory Tews return after a concussion.

“(It was good to bring) them back in and (see) how they were going to work with the rest of the team and that they could perform as well as they were doing before (injury),” Klein said. “It was really good. Watching Mallory Tews come back from a concussion and be able to just give 100 percent at the center midfield was great.”

South Fremont’s next game is against Aberdeen in St. Anthony Thursday.

“Our last game (against Aberdeen) ended up being a forfeit because of the weather,” Stimpson said. “We’re going into it with some questions. In our first half, we were down and then in our second half we were coming back up. So, we don’t know if we would have won the first time we played them or not. We do know how they play though so we’re excited to play them again to show them our full potential and have better weather for it.”

North Fremont will rematch with Teton Thursday. This time in Ashton.

“It’s just going to be a tough fight like it was last time. We just have to step up,” Klein said. “We held them really well that first half and then I don’t know if it was the cold when they were playing last time, but they just got a little bit behind. But, Teton made some good shots. If we can just hold them like we did that first half as long as we come out and play aggressive and not wait for the ball and do what they know they need to do I think they’ll do well. They can do well — it’s just a matter of being tough.”

This article was originally published on Rexburg standart Journal.

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