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February 24, 2021

Trail graffiti raising concerns in South Jordan

SOUTH JORDAN — Graffiti believed to be markings of a white supremacist group was discovered by a passerby on the Jordan River Trail in South Jordan.

The imaging was quickly cleaned up by the City of South Jordan. They had a crew that happened to notice it the same day it was reported to KSL.

“If I had seen it, I would have done the same thing – I would have reported it and had it covered up,” said Jaden Smith, who runs the trail frequently and was running it on Friday with his friend Truman Schenk. The two friends say they are disturbed to learn it was recently vandalized.

“This type of message or language is something South Jordan unequivocally does not support,” said South Jordan Communications Manager Rachael Van Cleave.

She said that is why the graffiti was quickly painted over, but not before it was seen by a concerned resident who tipped off KSL about the markings just off 10600 South.

“It shouldn’t be allowed here, so I’m glad the city painted over it,” said Smith.

The city said safety is their top priority. “We want our residents to not only be safe, but feel safe and for us that type of messaging doesn’t help,” said Van Cleave.

Recently, similar groups used other means to spread their hateful messages including distributing banners, fliers, posters and stickers on the campuses of BYU and the University of Utah.

“People shouldn’t be racist,” said Schenk.

Without cameras it is difficult to prove which organization left the graffiti, but either way South Jordan decided they had to go.

“It’s not something I’d prefer to see on a run or anywhere for that matter,” said Smith.

South Jordan appreciates when the community reaches out and they ask that all graffiti be reported to 801-446-4357.

Felicia Martinez

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