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September 21, 2021

‘Very rare’ wolverine sighting confirmed at Antelope Island

SYRACUSE — Michigan may be the Wolverine State, but Utah wildlife biologists confirmed Wednesday a “very rare” wolverine sighting in the Beehive State this week.

The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources received a report of a wolverine sighting by the Bridger Bay Campground in the northwest end of Antelope Island Tuesday.

State biologists used photos and video that had been posted to social media to confirm the sighting. A 35-second video and photos taken by James Shook and Kyle Mays shows a wolverine running across an open land during broad daylight.

It’s the first confirmed sighting of a wolverine since June 2016, when a wolverine carcass was located by the Utah Department of Transportation near Bear Lake in Rich County.

Biologists ventured out to the island Wednesday morning but were unable to find the wolverine or its tracks, division officials added.

Adam Brewerton, a wildlife conservation biologist for the DWR, said wolverines are rare in Utah and typically found in higher-elevated areas. There’s no exact count of the species in Utah since they are rather elusive and difficult to track, especially since a wolverine can have a home range that covers 350 square miles.

The division does receive reports of sightings from time to time but most of those sightings come from the High Uintas.

A sighting of the species is even more rare since they usually roam around at night.

“Wolverines are very rare to see because they are largely nocturnal, and they travel quickly, typically not staying in one area long enough to be found or seen,” Brewerton said in a statement. “We believe this wolverine sighted on Antelope Island is just passing through since Antelope Island does not have suitable habitat.”

The report this week was just the fifth confirmed sighting and second captured on camera since 1979.

Said Brewerton: “It is always exciting to hear of wolverine sightings in the state and especially when we have video evidence.”


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