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Where to get your fright on in Rexburg

As a chill descends upon Rexburg, Halloween waits around the corner. From ghouls and goblins to pale brown corn and bright orange pumpkins, Rexburg offers a variety of festive entertainment options.

According to kidsconnect.com, “In 1993, the first modern corn maze was created by Don Frantz and Adrian Fisher, which inspired a worldwide fad of corn mazes.”

Two popular mazes are held in the Rexburg area: Country Trails Corn Maze and The Straw Maze and Haunted Forest, both located roughly 10 minutes south of town.

Country Trails Corn Maze’s primary attraction is a 10-acre corn maze. Chris Johnson and Mike Mortensen have owned the maze for four years, and they custom design and create a new maze every year. Along with the maze, they offer tractor rides, a 60-foot slide, a corn pit, corn-hole, pumpkins, a kids-straw maze and a warming hut. They offer group discounts and unlimited entries into the maze with initial ticket purchase, and the maze is haunted on the weekends after dark.

“I just like seeing families come out and hang out and have a good time,” said Chris Johnson, part-owner of Country Trails Corn Maze. “People enjoy it, and spend hours here, and kids cry when they leave.”

Unlike the Country Trails Corn Maze, The Straw Maze and Haunted Forest are made from straw bales. The Straw Maze has been part of the Rexburg community since 2007 and has grown every year. It currently takes up nearly 2 acres and takes an average time of 45 minutes to complete. Nighttime walks through the Haunted Forest are offered on weekends in the evening. The forest is home to all manner of supernatural creatures. While waiting to go into the maze, axe throwing and some carnival-type food are available.

In Saint Anthony, 15 minutes north of Rexburg, lies an indoor Halloween experience, the Haunted Hospital.

“I think the main reason it was so scary was because most haunted houses are loud and you have people chasing you,” said Morgan Vasquez, a freshman studying public health. “But this one was really quiet and creepy and you heard whispers following you.”

The Haunted Hospital takes place in a decommissioned girls reform institution and embraces the history of the building. The actors present are all dressed as the ghosts of young girls. The average person spends 20 minutes winding through the building and trying to find their way out. The hospital is full of dead ends and empty rooms. People must find their way out with only one other person by their side; only solos or groups of two are allowed to wander the hospital together.

Another attraction awaits in Teton, 15 minutes north of Rexburg: the Haunted Mill. Built in 1890, the mill has been part of local folklore for decades. The Haunted Mill is rooted in local legends, such as the Girl in White and the Scarecrow, and uses them as its main attraction.

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